Capital investments

at least
(during the first year)

New jobs

At least
(during the first year)

Permitted activities according to OKVED (Russian National Classifier of Economic Activities)

Requirements for investment projects of operating companies

At least the same number of employees as the average for the last three years

  • Foreign labor – no more than 25%
  • Share of project revenue from the contracts with the town’s mainstay – no more than 50%

A company can become a priority area resident, if

It has no branches or subdivisions outside the priority area.

It is not:

  • A state unitary enterprise;
  • A municipal unitary enterprise;
  • A nonprofit organization;
  • A financial institution, including credit and insurance companies and professional securities market participants;
  • The town’s mainstay or its subsidiary.

The project does not include:

  • Excisable goods production (except for cars and motorcycles);
  • Operation of pipeline transportation;
  • Petrochemicals production;
  • Wholesale and resale trade;
  • Timber harvesting;
  • Real estate operations

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